Do all your street photographs look the same?

Making Strong Street Photos

Key Concepts Covered in this Course

  • Learn to see strong photo opportunites

  • Identify your strengths and build on them

  • Field assignments

  • Photo evaluation and feedback

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    Bob Patterson

    Publisher, Street Photography Magazine

Bob is a lifelong photographer heavily influenced by the photos he saw in Life and Look magazines as a youth.  Photos made by greats like W. Eugene Smith, Margaret Bourke-White, Alfred Eisenstaedt and others influenced his personal photographic style which led to his passion for street photography.

He has served as a juror in several prominent international photo contests like the Siena International Photography Awards (SIPA),  URBAN Photography Awards and Los Angeles Center of Photograph (LACP) Street Shooting Around the World Exhibition 2021.




Course Description

This course is designed to help not just beginning street photographers but those more experienced who are either uncomfortable shooting in public spaces or are in a rut. If you hear yourself saying things like  “all my photos look the same” or  “there’s nothing to shoot,”  then your’e in the right place.

Remote Interactive Workshop

This lively small group  5-week workshop begins Tuesday, March 9, 2020
We meet via Zoom each Tuesday from 12:00 PM to 2:30 PM Eastern Time.

3 Bonus Follow-up Sessions

After completion of the workshop we will hold one follow-up session per month over the following three months to discuss and review your new work.

Course Details

Course Duration

5 Weeks

Course Price

$ 129.00

Course Level


Course Description

If you feel that your street photographs are not strong enough or that  something is missing in your work, we hope that you will join us in this informative five session course on making stronger street photographs.


Whether you are an experienced street photographer who feels stuck or new to the genre join us for a series of field assignments applied to several types of street photography designed to help you train your eye to recognize strong visual elements to make your images.


Each week the group will evaluate your work to provide constructive criticism and advice about how to leverage your strengths and identify areas of improvement.


After completion of the five-week session the group will continue to meet monthly for three additional reinforcement sessions to discuss and review your new work.

Key Features

  • Make stronger street images

  • Recognize strong visual elements

  • Professonal photo evaluation

  • Personal attention

  • Objectively edit your own work

  • Know your strengths and build on them

  • Three bonus follow-up sessions to keep you on track

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